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Tuomas continues to impress - 97%

VesselofLucifer, December 10th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2016, Digital, Universal Music (Amazon)

It's a rare phenomenon when a musician/band exceeds their previous material with each new release. Tuomas is one such maestro in that everything he has put out since 2008 has gotten consistently better. In terms of song structure and sound, his band Wolfheart has matured immensely following Winterborn in 2013 and Shadow World in 2015.

He has kept the doom elements from the previous work and intertwined them with speedy melodic black metal riffs and brutal blast beats...which is a welcome addition. I like how he has raised the keyboards and synth from a back element to more of a front line sound. The brief but strong chants from a choir are very reminiscent of early music by Equilibrium. I have no complaints about this release, aside from the desire that Tuomas will invite Janica Lonn to do some guest vocals or backgrounds on future work as I think the dynamic could be beautiful between the growling and raw angelic voice.

If this is a taste of what the entire album will be like then I strongly believe Wolfheart will outdo themselves yet again!