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Hard to believe who all is in this as bad as it is - 24%

VibrationsOfDoom, September 11th, 2004

This little EP was a severe letdown, especially since the opening track kicked so much ass, whith some wicked riffs and the classy vocals of Vincent Crowley brutalizing things, albeit at a slow pace. 'Blood Oath' immediately starts the downward spiral, and never lets up until the end. 'Life Is War' was definitely NOTHING to write home about, the slower pace of these songs is almost comatose, and finally we have the worst track here in 'Race War,' which is a Carnivore cover, and the vocals here are so laughable it's not even funny. Slow, lethargic, and not very interesting; though if they could have capitalized on the strength of the EP opener, this could have been something different and special. Features members of Acheron, Dark Funeral, Incantation, and the guitarist from The Electric Hellfire Club (which the opening page forgot to mention). Full length album might be worth hearing, this most definitely IS NOT... Weak death metal... No more needs to be said.