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A Wolfchant From The Mountainside - 99%

Vikinglord71, September 13th, 2007

Wolfchant is back with their new epic masterpiece called “A Pagan Storm”. A few bands come to mind when listening to Wolfchant; Nomans Land, XIV Dark Centuries, Equilibrium, and even a little bit of Ensiferum. Wolfchant manages to blend the right amount of elements that all of these bands offer plus a little extra.

First thing I’ll start with is the production quality. I must say it is pretty damn good, much better than their last album “Bloody Tales of Disgraced Lands”. Although not the best production I’ve ever heard, it most certainly suit’s the band and the music. Aside from that, the mixing was done perfectly. No instrument is overpowering one another.

As for the music, well epic and folky is what I have to describe it. These Germans know how to make some good epic/folk Pagan metal. The great clean vocal choruses, as well as the melody driven guitars with your occasional folk instruments thrown in there all makes a recipe for a great folk metal experience.

All together Wolchant has given us a great epic/folk metal follow-up to their last masterpiece and has created yet another. I advise everyone to keep an eye on this band. So anyone who enjoys Nomans Land, XIV Dark Centuries, Equilibrium, and even Ensiferum should go check out Wolfchant’s new album “A Pagan Storm”.