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The Path leads to victory. - 97%

ChildClownOutlet, January 17th, 2012

With Wolfchant's first album "A Bloody Tale of Disgraced Lands" released, it gave me a glimpse into how talented these guys are. Though the production was pretty terrible, I thoroughly enjoyed the melodic riffs and the musicianship of the album. Of course, I was hoping that they would begin what many bands would call the 2nd cd syndrome, where, in my opinion, the second cds were always the best (Metallica, Iced Earth, Kalmah, etc.) Boy, did they prove that theory correct. With "A Pagan Storm," not only was the production simply better, but all around it is one of my favorite Folk metal cds I have ever listened to.

Wolfchant must have taken some influences from bands like Ensiferum; the melodies are catchy, and combined with the usage of the keyboards are, dare I say, epic? Bombastic choruses and folksy keys are what makes this album superb. In songs such as "Midnight Gathering", you will feel the need to drink 'til your heart's content. With "The Path," the song opens up with a powerful riff that knocked me off my feet. The clean passages are what makes this album great, though the black metal vocals are powerful enough with a sickening screech, typical in many Folk bands. I am glad they increased the use of clean vocals in "Call Of The Black Winds". The bass, well, is nothing to talk about it, but it's in there. The drumming is, as usual from this band, great. The small little fill that begins "Guardians Of The Forest" is enticing and welcomes the barrage of fist bumping riffs.

What more can I say? This album has the perfect elements of folk and power and is ready to pummel the weak. Wolfchant has struck gold with this album and I hope they can continue this tradition of REAL melodic metal in their 5th album.