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Uh...Yeah! Nostalgic Pagan tunes!!! - 79%

BlackMetal213, February 14th, 2016

Wolfchant? Who is Wolfchant? Well, Wolfchant is a folk metal band from Germany. They aren't all that well known, if you couldn't infer from my previous statement. I first heard this album about five years ago when I was playing in my own band, which was short lived. We would jam the album's title track "A Pagan Storm" pretty much out of boredom. I guess I was a junior in high school around this time. I showed this band to the two other guys who even bothered to show up to band practices, and they obviously dug it, because we'd fucking play this shit during rehearsals. Looking back, this album is not a classic or essential, but it is still a fun, worthwhile listen.

Formulaically, these guys took the folk metal handbook from bands such as Ensiferum, Moonsorrow, and Suidakra, and decided to incorporate all of these elements to create this oh so familiar sound. "A Pagan Storm" is the second album from Wolfchant, released in 2007. There really is nothing new going on here. It's average folk/pagan metal, played in a consistent style. It is extremely familiar and, I guess, "comfortable". The guitars generally stick to the traditional folk metal formula, with tremolo picked riffs kin to black metal, and extremely melodic, catchy riff patterns. The riffs are very heroic and melodic in nature, as to be expected. I can't fault Wolfchant for this, as it's a commonality within the genre and obviously it works quite well. The only thing wrong with this is, so many bands before Wolfchant have done the same exact thing, and also, have done it much better. While these guys are very good at what they do, other bands are far superior. The riffs all sound very familiar and definitely create a "Deja Vu" effect. One song that stands out to me, however, is "Midnight Gathering". This song is awesome. It's got that catchy riff pattern with some groove and welcomed originality.

For some reason, Lokhi's vocals sound very much like Helge Stang formally from Equilibrium, which also happens to be a German folk metal band. This is a coincidence, I'm sure, but to my ears, is fairly obvious. Lokhi's vocals really are nothing new or unique. Is this bad? No, not at all. It's hard to sound completely original nowadays anyway, but it caught my attention. The periodic clean chants and guttural death growls are a welcomed addition but they also sound fairly familiar to me.

I really can't say this album is an essential folk metal listen. However, it's got all the qualities we've come to expect and is not the worse out there. I'd recommend it for anyone who likes Viking, folk or Pagan metal. While it won't blow your mind with new ideas, it will no doubt satisfy your palate.

The Path leads to victory. - 97%

ChildClownOutlet, January 17th, 2012

With Wolfchant's first album "A Bloody Tale of Disgraced Lands" released, it gave me a glimpse into how talented these guys are. Though the production was pretty terrible, I thoroughly enjoyed the melodic riffs and the musicianship of the album. Of course, I was hoping that they would begin what many bands would call the 2nd cd syndrome, where, in my opinion, the second cds were always the best (Metallica, Iced Earth, Kalmah, etc.) Boy, did they prove that theory correct. With "A Pagan Storm," not only was the production simply better, but all around it is one of my favorite Folk metal cds I have ever listened to.

Wolfchant must have taken some influences from bands like Ensiferum; the melodies are catchy, and combined with the usage of the keyboards are, dare I say, epic? Bombastic choruses and folksy keys are what makes this album superb. In songs such as "Midnight Gathering", you will feel the need to drink 'til your heart's content. With "The Path," the song opens up with a powerful riff that knocked me off my feet. The clean passages are what makes this album great, though the black metal vocals are powerful enough with a sickening screech, typical in many Folk bands. I am glad they increased the use of clean vocals in "Call Of The Black Winds". The bass, well, is nothing to talk about it, but it's in there. The drumming is, as usual from this band, great. The small little fill that begins "Guardians Of The Forest" is enticing and welcomes the barrage of fist bumping riffs.

What more can I say? This album has the perfect elements of folk and power and is ready to pummel the weak. Wolfchant has struck gold with this album and I hope they can continue this tradition of REAL melodic metal in their 5th album.

A Melodic Storm - 90%

BloodIronBeer, October 15th, 2007

Finding new Viking metal is always fun. Because it's one of the few genre's that hasn't been flooded with clones and posers yet.

Yep, Wolfchant kicks your teeth in, Viking style.

This'll definitely be right up your alley if you like Manegarm, Ensiferum or any melody-driven Viking band that kicks teeth in. And if you don't, well ... you're a fucking cunt.

Black metal vocals accompany a barrage of melodic riffs. Select moments include folky moments, guitar melodies seem to mimmick fiddle parts. Frequently songs have drunken gang vocals which tend to sound a little daft, but it's got enough charm to make up for it. It's all topped off with nice "reclaiming the olden Pagan ways and subverting the Christian scheme" lyrics.

You'll be tapping your foot and nodding your head the whole while. I'm often reminded of Ensiferum, Manegarm or Equilibrium. The melodies never stop; verse, chorus, intro, bridge, it seems like one of the guitars is always weaving a catchy melody. And in all honestly, it's better than the newest Ensiferum anyway.

Standout tracks include the title track and Winter Hymn. There's no filler here though, they all kick good amounts of teeth

The only negative I see is that drummer is relatively weak. The "switch" beat is overused a bit, and it's sad that he can't just do a blastbeat at least on a couple tracks where it would fit better.

In any case, this is a killer album. Viking metal of the highest caliber. Any fan of Viking metal should pick this up ... or get their teeth kicked in.

A Wolfchant From The Mountainside - 99%

Vikinglord71, September 13th, 2007

Wolfchant is back with their new epic masterpiece called “A Pagan Storm”. A few bands come to mind when listening to Wolfchant; Nomans Land, XIV Dark Centuries, Equilibrium, and even a little bit of Ensiferum. Wolfchant manages to blend the right amount of elements that all of these bands offer plus a little extra.

First thing I’ll start with is the production quality. I must say it is pretty damn good, much better than their last album “Bloody Tales of Disgraced Lands”. Although not the best production I’ve ever heard, it most certainly suit’s the band and the music. Aside from that, the mixing was done perfectly. No instrument is overpowering one another.

As for the music, well epic and folky is what I have to describe it. These Germans know how to make some good epic/folk Pagan metal. The great clean vocal choruses, as well as the melody driven guitars with your occasional folk instruments thrown in there all makes a recipe for a great folk metal experience.

All together Wolchant has given us a great epic/folk metal follow-up to their last masterpiece and has created yet another. I advise everyone to keep an eye on this band. So anyone who enjoys Nomans Land, XIV Dark Centuries, Equilibrium, and even Ensiferum should go check out Wolfchant’s new album “A Pagan Storm”.