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Old And Necro And Totally Useless - 6%

lord_infernus, April 26th, 2014

First let me state that I am reviewing the Depressive Illusions cassette version, which consists of only 3 songs. In the first place this was only a 6 song demo, so I can't understand the purpose of DI removing 3 of the songs and releasing it like this? Upon my first listen to this I was so utterly confused, I thought the tape was defective! This was my first exposure to Wolf, other than a song I heard on a Compilation(which was quite good), so I don't know if I will ever have the cajones enough to shell out anymore cash to see if this is indeed a fluke?

The first "song" (I use that term lightly) on here is called "Perpetual Prince of Darkness" and it sounds like one of those useless bits that bands hide at the end of a CD, you know like as track 66? If it would have been a proper ambient intro, I would have liked it a lot more, and it might have raised this piece of crap a few points. Next up is supposed to be a cover of Von's "Satanic Blood". Now I know Von is noisy and calamitous, but give me a break! This is all vocals(that you can't understand), and some guitar fuzz, no drums, nothing else.. Even the biggest fan of Von couldn't recognize the track. The third and final track is "Perpetual Prince Of Darkness Part 2", oh yes, more of that delightful ditty. Basically a repeat performance of the first track, plus some buried vocals.

This is the worst excuse for a demo that I have ever heard! Unless the three tracks the DI removed were nothing short of fantastic, I would be scared to hear the "complete" vision. No drums on the whole thing, the guitars sound like they were played through a wet cardboard box, and the vocals are the most laughable in recent memory. I gave it 6 points because it has a cool cover, and it's OK back ground noise, and it provided me with a tape to record over. STAY AWAY!