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I am so glad I checked into this band - 89%

PowerMetalGlory, September 12th, 2003

Do you like your drinks (and your metal) straight up? Hearing this band is a MUST for fans of traditional metal. Based on a couple of listens to the newest Iron Maiden album – A Dance with Death, this Wolf album rips, tears, shreds and devours the album from the beloved Brits and there is still space for seconds. I am not going to do a track by track analysis (although this album would easily lend itself to this kind of review) and instead I will discuss my sore ass. Starting with the first track Night Stalker (Skelator should sue!) the notes (already in boot form) commenced kicking my ass and didn’t stop until after the last track – A Dangerous Meeting (yep, it’s a Mercyful Fate cover). The album contains plenty of catchy melodies and familiar NWOBM riffage with a modern touch. The sound quality is crisp and everything sounds clear without any instrument being too pronounced. The singer Niklas Olsson’s voice has its own recognizable characteristic and is ideal for the band’s sound. Shit, I don’t even know if I wan’t to listen to Kind Diamond sing A Dangerous Meeting again. This man is on key!

To roll all of the words above into a neat little headline: Modern Swedish band gives traditional metal a shot of “welcome to the new millennium-adyl”.

Try playing that Wolf CD in the middle of a Maiden, Accept, Saxon, Mercyful Fate marathon. That is if you’re into that kind of thing, oldtimer.