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Great story - 86%

Orklord, February 6th, 2007

German power metallers Wizard are back. With Goochan, Wizard releases their seventh full-length and this is their first concept album. Goochan is also their debut on their new label, Massacre records.

The album kicks of with the introduction of Goochan. The world is invaded by aliens and Goochen, the Witch of the Enchanted Forest, is there to stop those monsters. Further I will not explain the concept, that is for yourself. The interesting thing about the concept is that it mixes science fiction with folklore and that’s something what you don’t see often.

About the music, there are some slow songs on the album like Children of the Night and Lonely in Desert Land, but there are also some faster ones like Call to the dragon and Sword of Vengeance. The songs all have in common that you can sing along and that’s something what you can expect from a band like Wizard, does this mean that the songs are bad? No not at all, with the classic Wizard sound and the bombastic sound this album gives every true metal fan the change to enjoy the music. This album really puts you in the world Wizard creates and thanks to the great production you can enjoy their world. For all Power metal fans and true metal fans this one is for you.

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