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The magic is revived ! - 84%

Nightrunner, February 9th, 2007

I just say this my friends, holy shit what a turn for the better. After 2005’s downstep album “Magic Circle” – where the magic was lost for sure - Wizard are now back with their seventh release “Goochan, and this time everything is better. Wizard are now back on track again, and the magic is absolutely revived.

Let’s start with the production. Dennis Ward has done a splendid job with the sound for the wizards. The guitars sounds really damn good, and bass + drums are heavier than ever. I found nothing to complain about in the sound, and this may eventually be on the top list of the best albums production-wise this year. Easily, this is the best Wizard album on that term. Vocalist Sven D’ Anna does a good work as always, and i’m sure we’ve never heard him sing as high as in the chorus of “Sword of Vengeance”, it’s fucking brilliant, and so is the whole song. The music is Wizard to the bone, not much has happened, no further direction has been taken, it’s still the same speed/power metal as we know – with some “true metal” hymn tossed in there. Though some riffs here and there may be much more “modern” than the older Wizard, threwn in at certain places - but the general structure is still the same. All is not great with the album though, since we have some fillers on here. The really ridiculous “Call To The Dragon” (why in the name of god do they have to have those sissy flower power choruses ?), it’s a plain and generic power metal song that you’ve heard thousands of times before. Skip it. The other filler is “Dragon’s Death” (surprise – dragon – surprise). A song that just goes on and on for tooo long, the verses seems like 3 minutes long each, and it just gets boring in the length. It doesn’t get better with a sucky and boring chorus either. Cut it next time, wizards.

On the better side, we can find some cool Wizard work. The opening song “Witch of the Enchanted Forest”, is absolutely among the best songs Wizard has done in many years. Moderately fast, some cool “gang vocals” part and a great and big sounding chorus. Really neat song. The second song “Pale Rider”, a heavy one with many good riffs and long solopart. Bang that head ! The fast speed metal song “Sword Of Vengeance”, never stops and if you like speed you’ll like this one. And also the chorus as I mentioned earlier is neat, with Sven’s cool falsetto vocals. I would also like to mention “Two Faces Of Balthasar”, cool riffs and the chorus is excellent, melodic and cool – and without those flower power melodies. “Cildren of the Night” is a heavy stomper, and may be a crowd favourite on concerts, because of the big chorus. Easy to shout along, and it’s a simple but cool chorus, and so is the whole song.

Conclusion is that Wizard has done a great album, and shown once again that are among the finest power metal bands these days. One thing I also welcome is the lyrical direction, choosing a ownwritten concept, instead of those “metal and blood in the night of steel”-lyrics that Wizard tend to write when they’re not dealing with concepts. So i’m very happy for that. I also want to mention a plus and beauty for the eye for the great cover artwork. It’s awesome. And so is the album, I hope Wizard will climb somewhat regarding sales of the abum and that they be a little more known with this album, because they deserve it. If you’re a fan of the genre, this is a safe buy.

3 best songs: Witch of the Enchanted Forest, Pale Rider, Sword of Vengeance