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In other news, Wizard ditches magic - 58%

BloodIronBeer, January 27th, 2007

I was very, very eager to get the new Wizard. Ready to hear fresh new power metal madness from these German speed demons ... my hopes were crushed flat in no time.

Wizard does three things on this CD to botch any shot this release had at being a worthy album.

1) Slow down a lot.

2) Throw the sound that made them Wizard right out the window. Including making catchy songs. Wizard gives up the magic. (pun intended)

3) Tune down, and vie for a more American sound.

All three of these things pretty much hack this release off at the knees.

After the ridiculously long intro, the first thing you'll notice, and the one thing that will be nagging at fans of the band until Dragon's Death (the SEVENTH track) is that they've slowed down ... a lot. It's as if this album was recorded on some planet much larger than Earth, where Wizard was unable to adapt to their newly acquired mass, and were forced to just slow down.

Well, I think I've made that point clear, but the quality of the music has suffered similar damage. You'll surely notice the pseudo nu-metal groove scattered throughout. With newly down tuned guitars, and enough groove to make some nu-metal bands envious, it seems to me Wizard is out to wrangle a new group of fans - mallcore goth puppets. There are forced soft parts that remind me of the ever wussy Kamelot, taking away even more from what the band did right in the first place. There's also acoustic passages that go nowhere, and serve only to elongate the song. The overtone of most of the non-chorus riffs (because the choruses do remain somewhat like what they were), are diminished greatly in melody. They range from mediocre, to limp-dicked, weak, and boring drivel.

Yes, limp-dicked. You should have a hard-on of steel when you play metal.

Okay, in all seriuosness. I may be exaggerating, but this album does NOTHING for me. None of the amazing catchy choruses, no interesting guitar work, and not a whole lot of speed and power - especially when compared to Head of the Deceiver or Odin. It's just mediocre riff, after mediocre riff, with an undeniable lean toward newer American acts, and an absence of the hooks I've come to expect from this band. To make matters worse, Sven seems to be running out of steam, his vocals just aren’t as passionate as on some previous albums.

Maybe the band isn’t trying to sellout, per sa (though I’m inclined to believe so), but maybe simply going for a different sound. If so, I hope they realize that playing this way is something they simply can’t pull off.

I try to pick out at least one highlight track when I give an album a failing grade, and usually try to explain what made me better than the rest of the CD. But, it's hard to say any of these are at all remarkable, except maybe Dragon's Death, and Sword of Vengence (with a chrous sounding very heavy metal a la America, and the one and only track where vocalist Sven seems to wail like on previous albums) ...

If you're a big fan of Wizard from past albums, you'll probably be inclined to give this a listen regardless of what I say, but listen at your own risk. For anyone looking for great speed/power metal, check out Head of the Deciever, or Odin ... buy this at your own risk!