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Spectacular - 93%

Znarglaxe, November 16th, 2003

Melodic Death is a genre of metal that has a very fine line between what is good and what is just tripe. There are many bands on both sides of this line, but they generally dwell NEAR that line, if you get what I mean. Now just like in every genre you have the bands that are able to get on the good side and work their way towards the top. This album is an example of Without Grief's ascent to the top.

Originality abounds on this album, as it sounds very unlike a lot of other Melodic Death bands. Intertwining melodies and acoustic interludes that work with the music and aid the atmosphere and feeling created by the music. Even some ambient parts that are done with a hint of credibility are on this album, so it is even more diverse, yet still maintaining its form.

I shall now describe the music. The general tempo of this album is mid-paced. Not too fast, nor too slow. The guitars are guilty of both creating riffs that are just plain badass for any kind of music, but also melodies which are unique to this band and still manage to sound perfected. The bass is unimposing and does its work well as a magnifier for the music created by the guitars, and the drums have just the right combination of bass and treble thrown in there to make them stand in with the music and not cause any excess sound. The vocals are an alternation between high and low pitched growls with some baleful wailing going on. Generally creates a rather somber tone.

I would recommend this album to anyone who is a fan of original Melodic Death and maybe even some power metal fans would enjoy this release (although it sounds little like power metal.)