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Can't wait for more! - 80%

Immortally_Insane, November 14th, 2012

Within the Fall is an independent death/doom metal band based out of Sweden. The guys formed in 2010, and have a freshly released EP titled “Through the Shadows”, recorded and produced by the band. These guys have managed to construct quite a professional sound, and some true solid and heavy music to be proud of. There are only four tracks, but EP as a whole is around 26 minutes long without any filler or silly break downs.

The adventure into this Swedish death/doom experience begins with “Into the Arms of Grief” because if you’re going to call yourself doom, you best represent it with some grief. Full of harsh gutturals, devastating riffs, and solid drumming, this song does not disappoint. The lead guitar work in this song is eerie and haunts you in ways that can only be experienced throughout the song. After a particularly creepy short solo, some spoken word occurs, and continues into a quite memorable echoed guitar solo managing to bring an entire new range of emotions into the music. After their shining moment showcasing their doom elements, the track goes right back into those same crushing riffs.

The next track “Leaving” was released as a single in August of 2012. There was definite merit to releasing this track as a single because I feel it seriously nails the style of metal perfectly. There are fantastic moments of melodic guitar riffs, layered over some great double bass, and then some moments of droning melancholic vocals. All blended together it really showcases all that this band is about and capable of. “Shadows & Dust” is a versatile and slower song, with great touches of clean guitar work over some seriously haunting vocals, capable of giving anyone chills as it progresses into guttural vocals yet again.

The EP finshes with quite the beautiful track, “The Burial”, and as I sit here alone in the dark I can’t help but truly feel the pain and anguish behind the track. It begins with whispered words, beautiful clean string work from both bass and guitar, and perfectly simple drums. The clean vocals are stunning and in my humble opinion, need to be utilized more, as they are probably the best clean vocals in any independent metal band I’ve ever heard. As the song progresses, it gets heavier and darker as the hard vocals return, very reminiscent of the structure of an early Opeth track, and one hell of a way to end this release.

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