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EP - 85%

ruigeroeland, October 8th, 2004

Short after their debut-album WITHIN TEMPTATION released an EP in 1998, containing three new tracks, two remixed versions of tracks from ENTER and some multi-media content. So this might sound like a purchase for die-hard WITHIN TEMPTATION fans only. I beg to differ, cause although this EP might be short: quality is more important than quantity! And this little EP is a prime example of that.

Although the band still uses the “Beauty and the Beast”-formula on this disc, you can feel that they have grown and are ready to fully concentrate on Sharon’s vocals. In comparison to Enter, the band tends more to an epic and atmospheric sound.

The Dance and The Other Half (Of Me) are up-tempo, with The Other Half (Of Me) being the best WITHIN TEMPTATION song (in my opinion). This track is agressive, but still beautiful due to the fantastic vocals. The remaining three songs, Another Day and the two remixes slow it down and concentrate on Sharon’s singing.

Minor criticism: I liked the original versions of the remixed tracks better. The remixes are ‘enhanced’ with a rhythm, which (in my opinion) does the songs more harm than good. But hey, they’re still beautiful and if you don’t play the remix and the original after each other still enjoyable.

Conclusion: a very nice EP, which is important in the development of the band. And for people who do not care about the development of the band: it is just a darn good listen!

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