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A decent modern symphonic rock single - 65%

kluseba, January 27th, 2011

This song is not as ordinary and commercial as the first single "Where is the edge" has been, but it comes quite close. The modern sound effects and keyboard influences try to create something new and I must give this point to the effort of the band. At least, the effects sound interesting even if there are too many of them. The problem is that this influence slows down the dynamic of the song as drums or bass guitars go completely under and the songs only focusses on the amalgam of sounds and the voice. That's the negative part.

Now, let me tell you the positive part. The chorus is well and finally emotionally sung and quite catchy without the glimpse of a doubt. There is also a guitar solo in the middle of the song that adds something fresh to the sound and surprises me in a very positive way as I expected the worst case scenario after the first single that seemed to head for a sound in the key of Lacuna Coil and other plastic goth rock bands.

"Faster" doesn't ultimately goes back to the roots of the earlier and calmer stuff but doesn't head for the more recent radio pop or symphonical and acoustic stuff neither. This song is a solid and catchy rocker that sounds modern without being too predictable and written by patterns. This song may please to those who liked the shorter rock songs of the last album "The heart of everything". It is a logical continuity. It doesn't reinvent the genre or is an outstanding song but the band does a decent job. Let's see what they finally head for with the new album.