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Without doubt, Within Temptation's best - 94%

TommyA, March 15th, 2011

Most of us heard of Within Temptation when "Ice Queen" was released off "Mother Earth". This album is clearly much different than their later albums. The reason why I think this is more or less the best Within Temptation offering? Because it's rather unique when compared to "The Silent Force" or "The Heart of Everything", where they could easily be mistaken for Evanescence or Nightwish. "Enter" is a darker offering than the rest; inclining more towards gothic/doom metal.

"Enter" focuses more around the music rather than the vocals. The instrumental sections are way longer than the lyrical ones. Nonetheless, fans of Sharon's vocals will not be disappointed. With the exception of "Deep Within" (which features solely male growls) and "Blooded" (an instrumental track), Sharon's vocals stand out beautifully. The growling is not unpleasant, thankfully. "Deep Within" and "Gatekeeper" are the two tracks in which they feature the most, and they're not half bad.

The music here is more doom than anything the band has every produced. The growls add to this. It's the complete opposite than, say, "Mother Earth", where the atmosphere is more or less a content one. "Enter" is much darker, both musically and lyrically. Whereas in their later offerings, the lyrics were based around love and nature, on "Enter", they revolve around darkness.

All in all, "Enter" is what I wish Within Temptation built their foundations upon. It is a solid release, and doesn't fall in the commercial trap which, unfortunately, is what Within Temptation are now known for. Two thumbs up for this one though.