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Within Temptation's Crowning Achievement - 18%

Jiri777, July 29th, 2009

Within Temptation has been a pathetic excuse for a “metal” band for a number of years now. For the most part, their music can be described as gothic pop soft rock with a hint of metal. On “Enter”, the music is definitely the most metallic and is definitely the best.

The musical set up on this album is classic “beauty and the beast”. However, the beauty here is far from beautiful. Sharon Den Adel may be a beautiful woman, but her vocals here and every other Within Temptation album is horrific (IMO). She sounds like a cat being squeezed in a vice; its eyes popping out of its head; its brains oozing out of its mouth; screeching for its life. Seriously, imagine Avril Lavigne in a metal band. The combination does not mix well. Sharon sings in a high-pitched wail, missing note after note. She is so off key and sings like a pop star. Her voice is very hard to take seriously in a metal band.

The male vocalist is an average death growler. He supplies his beast vocals with little passion here. However, his presence helps this album from being a complete vocal failure. His vocals actually fit the doomy feel of the music. He definitely should have been the lone vocalist on “Enter” but the band decided they would make more money by adding the pop soprano.

Guitars are standard of the death doom genre. They are no My Dying Bride, but they write solid riffs and execute them nicely. They have a gothic feel and have great atmosphere.

Speaking of gothic, there are violins present on “Enter”. On the title track, they are utilized very well with the music creating a great atmospheric sound. The main melody on this track is very beautiful, but Sharon’s voice fails to be in tune with the violins.

The drums here are weak. They are just a background noise that does not stand out at all. I am not a drummer, but the simple drumming on “Enter” is probably doable for me. Un-complex drumming with no variance or time signature changes.

The tracks on “Enter” are varied. Some songs like “Restless” are just pop rock songs with absolutely no metal whatsoever. Other songs like the title track are very well written songs that contain a nice mixture of metal and gothic atmosphere. “Deep Within” is a classic death doom metal song with no input from Sharon or atmosphere. The last two mentioned songs are the best here. The other songs are boring or not written well. They are a blend of unmemorable riffing and vocal parts. And again, some songs are really lame like “Restless”.

In conclusion, “Enter” is the best release from this band by far and it’s far from perfect. The metal world really did not need this band to rape it of its pride or any of its ilk to follow its path. Within Temptation is very unwelcome here in my opinion. Any “metal” band that puts a pop soprano in their band to make money is shit and should be slaughtered brutally. I only reviewed this album because it still has a trace of metal and some of it is worth listening to. Boycott this band’s other releases and you probably shouldn’t waste money on this one either. Stay true to metal!