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Boring and Generic - 35%

Grumpy Cat, February 16th, 2017

So Within Destruction is a name I've seen thrown around quite a bit recently, they've developed a sizable Facebook fanbase that worships the band's "slamming deathcore" style. Well I only ever saw people talk about the second album Void.... probably because its better than this. From the Depths is probably one of the most banal and boring albums I've ever heard. Now most deathcore bands have some small method to sounding different enough to be distinguishable and at least sounds like they tried to be creative. Carnifex has actual death metal riffs and just recently added strong black metal touches, All Shall Perish has an ultra technical riff proficiency, Born of Osiris has their keyboard melodies and Infant Annihilator has their drum machine and Travis Ryan-esque vocalist. Within Destruction has non of these things.

Lets talk about what the band does have though, plenty of rhythmic 0-0-0-0 chug riffs and breakdowns. The riffs of course are nothing special save for an actual melodic riff played through out God of the Soulless, the breakdowns don't hit very hard and fail to have that brutal effect. Actually, I lied before when I said there is nothing new here, there also some painfully obvious melodeath influences that don't really change my opinion at all, they were just sort of there. The bass however is easily heard in tracks like Demise and actually plays a pretty cool melody in its reverb soaked tone, I would call this one of the album's highlights. The drums are fairly held back, a good variety of beats including the classic thrash metal skank beat instead of double pedal and blast beat spams, though this probably works against the band since it loses out on a much needed punch.

Sound wise the band sounds fine for the most part, everything is audible to appropriate levels and nothing sounds bad. The guitar might be a bit too polished and lack some muscle but its good in about every other regard. This is the most depressing part though, the band literally sounds fine, the instrumentalists are clearly competent and the vocalist works well for what they need him to, but they managed to write one riff and one bass line that were really worth listening to , and that's the most I can say for them after 9 tracks, that means 7 tracks didn't even have a single thing going for them and the other 2 were still pretty mediocre anyways.

Anyways, it'll be a good while before I listen to Void, but I sure hope its a bit better than this.