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Within Destruction - Deathwish - 90%

bonnoz, May 16th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

After two years in agony, Within Destruction has finally released their tank of an album called ‘Deathwish’. The deathcore formation from Slovenia has probably produced the most brutal deathcore release of 2018. The band is currently signed to Rising Nemesis Records. Of course we all know their second full length ‘Void’. A complied with the most death metal video ever, Within Destruction made their way into the world of deathcore. After two years of waiting, the guys have made an amazing album and it is called ‘Deathwish’.

Luckily deathcore isn’t the deathcore anymore like the MySpace days. Within Destruction has made some insane changes and now they have a new style of deathcore after their first release ‘From The Depths’. It is way more brutal and it has elements of slam and brutal death metal, which makes ‘Deathwish’ even more attractive for the open-minded.

‘Deathwish’ is a 11-track self-released album. The production is what you can expect from a professional band. All of the instruments are perfectly aligned to each other. The vocals are very heavy and extremely guttural. All songs feature around the 3.40 minute mark and that’s all you possibly can endure. The sheer brutality of the breakdowns is unheard of. Above that, you have the extremely filthy gutturals of the vocalist which gives the music an extra boost of brutality.

The songs are filled with guttural and pig squealing madness. Alongside that, you have the element of breakdowns. Within Destruction are very known for their breakdowns and they certainly can’t have enough of them. The band knows have to execute them to pinpoint perfection. The song structure of ‘Deathwish’ isn’t the standard deathcore way to make a deathcore song but Within Destruction has pulled it off to add a beatdown vibe into a deathcore song. And it actually works!

Don’t expect the technical aspect to be high on ‘Deathwish’ because it is all about the breakdowns and the brutality for Within Destruction. If ‘Deathwish’ is your first introduction to Within Destruction, expect breakdowns filled with brutal guttural vocals. Within Destruction is an excellent band to start your way into deathcore. They are accessible and are very good to listen to at any moment you want to listen to something brutal.