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Witherscape - The Inheritance - 90%

fersymphonyx, July 30th, 2013

After a long wait The Inheritance" was released, and knowing the impeccable career of Swanö, my expectations were really high. On this project, Dan Swanö joined Ragnar Widerberg, both multi-instrumentists, who seem to have a special connection between each other. The compositions on this album are awesome, featuring both death metal and progressive metal elements with a touch of atmospheric music which fits perfectly in the songs and creates interesting ambiance.

All songs contain extreme metal elements perfectly mixed with progressive stuff, containing odd meters and sudden changes from a heavy distorted riff to soft and dark clean guitar arpeggios. Also, you can hear great guitar solos like the one from "Mother of the Soul" and some acoustic guitar parts accompanied by the beautiful vocals of Swanö. Within moments the album reminds me of previous Swanö works like Moontower and some Edge Of Sanity and Nightingale stuff.

All vocals on the album, both clean and death growls, are unbeatable and perfectly combined with the music. Also the lyrics are interesting and elaborate. The sound is perfect, being mastered and mixed by Swanö himself as in his many other projects. Each instrument was excellently interpreted, in this case the drums and keyboards by Swanö and guitars and bass by Widerberg. After a couple of listens I noticed the album doesn't have weak points, the level is constant, and it's very balanced. You will enjoy the full album for sure.

So if you liked albums like Swanö's Moontower or progressive extreme metal bands like Opeth or Edge of Sanity, or you want to hear something different, fresh, and innovative, you will enjoy the album. It was made for both extreme metal and progressive metal fans. I hope this band would release more albums later, but now I can say the wait was worth it.

Outstanding tracks: Mother Of The Soul, Astrid Falls, Crawling from Validity, The Wedlock Observation.