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A Touch Of Brutality - 79%

Erin_Fox, October 28th, 2006

Bringing an early 90’s Swedish death metal influence to the forefront of their sound, Withered sound as if they have been drinking from the same horn as Unleashed during the majority of this record. Unoriginality aside, the band deserve accolades for exploring a sound that has been forgotten during these days of Iron Maiden and At The Gates worship.

The guitar tones on this record are a major factor in the presence of the band’s nostalgic sound, the six strings bearing a deep rumble that is most always associated with the music of Sweden. Dirging melodies are interlaced with rapid chugging as Wes Kever provides suitable blasts and rolls that move across the rack in mighty fashion. “Beyond Wrath” also brings a bit of American death metal influence into the mix, with Imperial riffs that recall the vibe of “Blessed Are The Sick” era Morbid Angel.

Meanwhile, “Within Your Grief” is a harsh, distant sounding track that incorporates touches of Morgoth. Obviously a band that wears their influences on their sleeve, Withered nonetheless ultimately deliver a quality listen for those fascinated with the nineties death giants. Currently, there are but a small handful of bands that can capture the spirit, energy and sound of what many consider to be ‘true’ death as well as Withered manage on “Memento Mori.” Chris Freeman is a capable growler. His vocals are issued in deep rumbles, being substantially guttural when necessary, but the singing is never so chaotic as to not fit well with the music.

If you enjoy fast-paced, blasting death delivered with the same musical intensity as the progenitors of the genre, it is likely that you will find “Memento Mori” to be of adequate interest.