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More Than Acceptable! - 80%

Homer_Nava, July 31st, 2016
Written based on this version: 2013, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

Usually I never trust in bands with kilometric monikers, I mean they could play a style which I’m not involved, fortunately the music of this band just deleted such idea; anyway the most important thing is the content of the release, more than some prejudices. With Burning Contempt is the band and they play death / thrash metal in the vein of Sodom, Motörhead and Celtic Frost; some touches of black metal occasionally appear. Honestly they are much influenced and I feel that their style is very exploited lately; if I had to mention an advantage it could be that every song is different each other, I mean you can find here some thrash / death or some black metal or even so the head banging sound of the so called “core” genres.

This is the debut release of With Burning Concept, a new band making a decent effort in terms of production and Red Visions is their first release, it is a four songs EP; the packaging is very professional and it looks like first full length release. This is an independent production and the most relevant aspect is that the line-up is formed by two persons and a session drummer. It’s clear that every aspect of the EP was carefully treated, of course the music at first instance.

The EP features four songs of pure metal mainly with a specific sound; most of the times they play in the vein of Celtic Frost and Sodom, in fact the voice is very similar. The mid paced thrash metal sometimes turns to doom metal or suddenly goes to fast death metal; the guitar tone is raw and there is not much variation there, I guess the riffing is the main point to follow on this band because apparently most of the riffs are basic to my ears but there is a special spirit in the air while listening every track because they maintain the power of death and thrash metal mainly

As a kind of conclusion I feel more than satisfied after listening to this band; the refreshing sound and style they offer is a guarantee that we can expect a better release in the future, I mean in a first full length form. I liked the four songs too much and there’s a lot to discover yet about aggressive music and With Burning Contempt is the right example.