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Worship the Torment - 85%

goatshit, November 7th, 2012

The first time I heard this album I was about three tracks in when I realized I was drinking a tea. I’m not health nut by any means, but I do enjoy a nice refreshing beverage like this now and again. However, at this particular moment I couldn’t have been more embarrassed. I was drinking a tea while listening to the new Witchrist? How inappropriate! If I really felt the need to quench my thirst at that particular time I should have at least been cracking a beer (assuming there was no chalice of Christian blood sitting around). I couldn’t help but set the tea aside until the album was complete. It was just anything but fitting, for the new Witchrist album reveals powerful hatred and mystical violence. This is the second release with the newer vocalist (the first one being the split with Morbosidad) and I am far from disappointed.

Reflective of the debut album Beheaded Ouroboros, this one begins with a slimy, down-tempo riff drenched in anguish. Eventually it explodes into maniacal force and doesn’t let up until the album is finished. When I first heard this band, I thought them to be extremely promising. Featuring members from bands like Diocletian, I figured there’s no way they could fuck this up. And so far they haven’t.

I enjoyed Beheaded Ouroboros and it’s not rare that I slap that one on the record player to revisit it. However, this new release entitled The Grand Tormentor really takes the sound to a whole new level. They maintain their unique black/death sound that they’ve invoked in their prior releases, but now it’s clear they are on the verge of perfecting what they want to convey. This album is killer almost the entire way through and it is not one that I recommend black and death metal fans wait around to check out.

There are quite a few newer black/death and war metal bands that are putting out extremely notable material right now, and Witchrist is definitely one of them. Don’t waste your time by not picking this record up. If you love the smell of rotting Christian corpses, want to summon the call from the grave, and provoke war upon all enemies of the Old Ones, then this album is definitely for you. The wrath of Yama is upon us, let us go and spill our hatred.