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One for the headbangers - 92%

sevenlee7, October 8th, 2010

For me Witchery was always that band that could. It's a band I knew could really pull off some amazing tracks but never really seemed to do it. They had a few flashes of promise in the past for me, particularly in the last two albums "Symphony For The Devil" and "Don't Fear The Reaper" but I think it's here with "Witchkrieg" where they have finally started to assert themselves.

It starts off with the killer title opening track "Witchkrieg" which pounds away with simple but effective riffage until the very Slayer-esque solo (Unsurprising since it's Kerry King who supplys it) The vocals are brutal as always with Witchery.

The thing for me that makes this album stand out over it's predecessors, is how much sharper and tighter the songs sound and how much more polished the songwriting is. In the past they seemed to get a little lost with some ideas and the impact of the track suffered. But on this one, every song feels like it has a distinct purpose and direction. Sure, some are catchy, or at least as catchy as Witchery gets, but it never loses its focus with flash or pretentiousness.

You can expect certain things from a Witchery album and one of those is no stuffing around with intricacies or long complex interludes. Every track will punch you in the face from start to finish and if that's what you're expecting, that's what you'll love about it.

There are a few stand out tracks for me such as "Witchkrieg", "From Dead To Worse" and with its simple but killer intro "Witch Hunter" is not to be missed.

All round it's an awesome album that really shows Witchery's maturing as a group and hopefully they can continue that progression to become a major player on the metal scene.