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Fun black/thrash metal - 80%

PseudoGoatKill, November 8th, 2006

A few months back I got "Don't Fear the Reaper" enjoyed that album alot. Then I obtained "Dead Hot and Ready" and "Witchburner".

Witchery for the most part plays a style of blackened thrash metal, but it's fun blackened thrash metal. Witchburner is seven songs strong, with the first four songs being covers, and the other three being originals.

I haven't heard the original versions of these songs, so I can't say if Witchery completely fucked them up or not. I do know however that I do enjoy these songs. "Fast as Shark" begins with a Disney-ish style 1940s tune, before a record scratches, and then you hear screaming. It sounds like Snow White was singing, but then Witchery clad in obsidian metal armor and riding black horses rode in and slaughtered the Disney sing along, and then started to thrash out.

The next song wortj mentioning is "I Wanna Be Somebody" is all around catchy as hell. Great thrash instrumentation, that while repeative manages to repeat riffs that are actually good. This is a fun song for the most part. The two remaining covers retain the feel good blackened thrash vibe that only WItchery and a few other bands could perform.

Then we get to the final three songs that are originals. What we have is even more blackened thrash metal. The song "The Executioner" contains a hearty galloping riff in it, that keeps this song with the ranks of "Fast as a Shark" and "I Wanna Be Somebody". "Witchburner" is the slowest song of the album, but alas that's the equavalent of saying that milk chocolate is the least chocolate of all the chocolates. In other words it doesn't mean much.

This EP in a nutshell is the style of blackened thrash metal with a certain punk aesthetic. It isn't overtly dark, and actually quite fun to listen to. Sadly the repeatetion does bore me, and so I give this album a score of