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Tantalizing... - 65%

thomash, November 12th, 2006

This album starts off amazing, but weakens as it proceeds. The later songs aren't bad; they just don't feel complete. This album would have been unbelievable if all of its songs had been given as much attention as “Stigmatized,” which was probably the best track. The composition really makes the difference, as the best songs on this album stand out for their innovative progressions from kick-ass, thrashy riffs and back again. The worst songs deliver great riffs with hardly any progression or variation at all.

Throughout the album, though, the sound is good and the atmosphere is impressive. I particularly liked the vocals which temper the typical death grunt quite well. They aren’t as brutal, perhaps, as they could be, but they convey evil very well. Instrumentally, everything contributes nicely to the very heavy, chugging sound. Obviously, the band is quite proficient in that respect.

Perhaps, if the first few tracks hadn’t overshadowed the later ones, I would have given the album a higher rating, but I was disappointed that the album took a step down rather than a step up. Unfortunately, this is the only album by Witchery that I've managed to get a hold of, so I can’t really compare or contrast it with their other work. However, I highly recommend it on the merit of its atmosphere and riffs, not to mention a couple of incredible songs.