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These guys fucking rule - 95%

Xeper, May 18th, 2003

This band keeps getting better. Jensen can do no wrong, far as I can tell. Witchery, on their second full-length, bring you more thrash fucking metal with black metal styled vocals and plenty of Mercyful Fate-esque headbanging melodies in their thrash (hard to explain, but if you've heard MF's first album you know what I'm talking about). The lyrics are also pure Mercyful Fate, not that these guys worship MF at all, they sound worlds apart, but the content is similarly horror-themed ("Call of the Coven", "On a Black Horse Thru Hell", etc). Opener "Demonication" is a thrash attack with an oddly timed riff that works really well and is still damn catchy, reminding you this isn't just any thrash band! A personal favorite of mine is track 3, "The Guillotine", which I insist is one of the greatest riffs of all time. Somewhat technical, downright evil, and pure fucking metal. Once you hear it, the horns go straight up (or the W, as the band seems to prefer in the photo behind the cd tray). An intense and thrashtastic album to blast and headbang with, and the best part is they never take themselves too seriously so cheesiness is not an issue (and you gotta love the hilarious cover art, featuring as usual the band's mascot Ben Wrangle). A band destined to become legendary, check them out right now. All 3 of their albums are mandatory (haven't heard the EP yet).