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WitcheR - A gyertyák csonkig égnek - 92%

Edmund Sackbauer, December 13th, 2019

WitcheR is a Hungarian band/project consisting of Roland Neubauer and Karola Gere. After having released quite a few EPs, splits and demos “A gyertyák csonkig égnek” is their second full length album. The level of professionalism and passion that has been put into creating this record is more than impressive and it is obvious that the musicians behind WitcheR are absolutely passionate about their work.

The somewhat unique production quality gives the album a raw sound many times throughout, especially in terms of the vocal aspects. The guitar riffs found in this one aren't too complex or fast paced, but they still manage to keep a memorable tone and add to the stellar melodies accompanied by the steady percussions and the snarling vocals. There is some solo guitar action in certain songs, but it's never too overwhelming. However, I will say that the rhythm and the lead guitar complement each other adequately. Sharp basic chords are melted with eerie and hypnotic harmonies to create an outstanding atmosphere. The music creates a bleak mood and offers a certain kind of melancholic beauty.

What surprised me the most while listening to “A gyertyák csonkig égnek” is the professional level of the songwriting. Each of the songs has a clear structure and Karola and Roland were successful in making the single tracks memorable without sounding fluffy or simplistic. There are a few rhythm and tempo changes but overall the songs follow a clear and stringent structure. The soloing parts are well implemented and never overstay their welcome. Relentless riff attacks are interchanging with ambient pieces giving the whole thing kind of a hypnotic feeling. Epic guitar melodies are always present in the background lending each song a special character.

WitcheR have a fantastic talent for creating haunting and beautiful melodies that feel melancholic and depressive but also offer a glimmer of hope at the same time. They have worked with the interaction of musky moments and lighter pieces and have melted all those elements into one great piece of sinister and eerie art. The ambient soundscapes dwelling in the dark build a fantastic and gloomy atmosphere

The production is clear and more than serviceable and while the drums could have used a bit more power the overall sound perfectly fits the mood of the album. Beside that this album has one of the most creative and atmospheric cover artworks I have seen making it a must-have for any fan of the genre.