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Witchcraft / Age of Agony - Age of Agony vs. Witchcraft

When death & black unite - 95%

KornelKontros, January 24th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2016, CD, Neverheard Distro

It was a brilliant idea to release this special kind of split CD for the 20th anniversary show of Witchcraft. Two really well-known Hungarian underground bands covering 2 songs from each other.

Age of Agony's part of the split consists of 2 tracks, both taken from Witchcraft's latest full-length called "Hegyek felettem" (2012), they are "Fekete ├ęs hideg" and the title track, respectively. The five-piece death metal brigade tried their best to re-arrange these tracks without the loss of the prior atmospheres and they definitely did it in a triumphant way! The slight modifications display either with the speeded up tempos or the change of the guitar solos. Their sound also became pretty similar and cold to the original one, thus I've really enjoyed to listen to their cover versions.

Witchcraft's part of the split features "On the Way of Hate" song from Age of Agony's 2nd long play "Follow the Way of Hate" (2008) and the song named "Brothers" taken from their 3rd album "Machinery of Hatred" (2011). Let's dive into some details. First of all, we have a totally new intro and outro composed for "On the Way of Hate", then we have that super crazy solo right after the intro, which rips the ears off. The blasting tempos have been also raised a bit. Still the wildest and most interesting part goes to the evil vocals of Angmar, he screams out of his throat as an unleashed lunatic. Beast mode is on! "Brothers" continues in the same manner, though perhaps due to the more melodic approach of the riffs, the black metal fellas of Witchcraft decided to turn the tempo a little down here. Not in a crucial way, just to have those harmonies come out of the humbucking pickup as clean as possible. They also changed all the double bass drumming to polka beats there plus WLR successfully enriched it with a great solo. In their interpretation both Age of Agony songs became clearer sound-wise and fairly modified too.

Nice split and a worthy material to invest into!

Originally published at the website of Encomium 'zine.