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Everything Ruined - 50%

So_It_Is_Done, August 5th, 2009

This compilation contains all the promising material from their previous releases. It was indeed a good idea to put this stuff on a pressed CD because their tapes and CD-Rs are hardly available and obviously of lower durability. Unfortunately, Years of Blood include re-recorded versions of the old songs.

Each element here is a failure. Vocals, previously venomous and angry, now are annoying and sometimes even ridiculous. Drums, previously fairly good, now sound like a drum machine and are too loud in the mix. Guitars did not preserve the original tone either. The rhythms have been changed and certain details altered for the worse. Despite the fact that the songs were not changed in their structure, this new quality irritates. The material is faster and more focused on blast beats and as a result it loses the appealing quality of the original.

Overall, this session is cleaner and better recorded but still maintains the typical raw quality of black metal. However, all potential those tracks had has been ruined here. Perhaps it'd be good to hear those old tracks remastered, but not re-recorded in such a manner. This is the biggest disappointment Witchcraft could ever deliver and this album should never be made.