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Yea....2004 ain't gettin' any better than this... - 96%

ThePiercedSpirit, June 30th, 2004

Listen to what Nate says...he knows what he is talking about.

So I'm sitting one my laptop one day...chatting Doom with some folks...when Nate here says...."Have you heard Witchcraft yet?". I say..."No man, I haven't." Then he says..."He'd over to Hellride...Chris has an mp3 up." And then I said..."Alright, I shall do it immediately without hesitation." Well to cut to the chase...I went and listened to The Snake...only to be sucked in right then and there into the pyschedelic soundscape that is...Witchcraft.

The thing about this band that really gets me is the focus. These guys know what there sound is...rarely does a band seem to tight and together on a first release as these guys. Every song fits perfectly together as if part of a musical puzzle...yet every song has its own distinct character that sets it safely apart from any other of the 11 tracks.

Witchcraft is heavily influenced by the Pentagram sound for sure...and the others as Nate mentioned...but something else about them is truely of those great things that you can't distinguish...but keeps you coming back for more..and more and more.

I guess the main thing I can do is sum up there sound now. First off, you must know this was recorded in a professionally I'm not sure...but it isn't far off from JPT Scare Bands recording quality...just more controlled...a bit like old Pentagram...but on more LSD for sure. The vocals are a little bit fuzzy...but very clear and easy to understand...just enough to add a wonderful effect on the music. The guitar tone is a warm little light distortion...but just enough to execute a monster riff when needed. A perfect mix of the instruments are well. The vocals though are beautiful, haunting, and very well executed. If you are a true fan of any Traditional Doom, Psych, Old School Metal, or shit that isn't your run of the mill boring ass uninspired Metal...then please do yourself a favor and get this album.

Sorry if this review sucks and or is too long...I kind of got sidetracked I forgot where I was going with it. Anways...Witchcraft...album of the year 2004...gonna be hard to out do this one.