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Miracle - 100%

Starkweather222000, June 30th, 2007

Truth is, there are good bands, there are excellent bands and there are miraculous bands. Black Sabbath were miraculous in 1970. Iron Maiden were miraculous in 1980. Witchcraft are miraculous in 2004.

The band that Magnus Pelander formed after the split up of cult underground heroes Norrsken hit like a sniper. Merely few had laid ears on their single, "No Angel Or Demon", merely few knew what to expect when the CD found its way in the tray (or the LP under the needle - lucky bastards :( ). And that's because we had heard many bands claiming to be "the Sabbath sound of our times", or "the straight descendants of Liebling and Pentagram", but none of them really managed to accomplish. Not the way Witchcraft do. Drunk by the venom that dripped from Iommi's riffs, stoned by the echoes of "Day Of Reckoning", Witchcraft take you on a journey through the darkest side of the 70's sound, a journey you never wish to end. A journey through marvellous melodies, hypnotic vocal lines and haunting sceneries. The production is sooooooo vintage/old-school/70's that you'll search for the release year in the back many times as you go through it.

As far as I'm concerned, I had never believed that there are bands in the 00's that can reproduce the primitive "doom metal" sound so well. I have always hoped and searched, but, although I found several excellent efforts, all of them had a touch of "unwanted metal sound" in them. All of them had something of Candlemass, or Saint Vitus, or even Cathedral in their sound, which is not at all bad. It's just SO NOT 70's. Witchcraft take a different path, and merge their Sabbath/Pentagram influences with prog and folk rock sounds, delivering a haunting sound that is hard to describe with words. I believe that the first listening session of "Witchcraft" is somewhat of a "once in a lifetime" experience. I wouldn't want to spoil yours with any further descriptions. All I can say is do yourselves the favour. Witchcraft is not retro, as many listeners say. For their retro-like sound is something of great novelty in our age. And Witchcraft is not a band. They are more like....a messiah.