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Thank you for making this year not suck - 85%

Agathocles, May 27th, 2004

I'm ecstatic to finally hear an album from this year that is all around excellent. There's been a lot of releases by classic bands this year that have been good but not stellar, and ones by new bands that were good but just didn't really hold your attention.

One glance at these guys and their profiles and you can clearly see that they worship Pentagram, and to be perfectly honest, there aren't many other bands that deserve reverence as much as them.

Soundwise, they are more akin to 70's era Pentagram. Other similar bands would be early Bang, and Sorcery (US). The vocals are spot on, the riffs are just great, and the leads are very well done too. And the other members do a great job at their respective instruments as well.

A lot of the times when you are introduced to a good band, you immediately start praising them emphatically, only to realize about a year later that a lot of that praise was hype and a lot of that praise being due to the fact that it was new and it was the first time that you were listening to it. But then there are those cases, Witchcraft being one of them, where you can clearly see that your praise is all deserving and that a year down the road you will still share those same sentiments about the band that you did a year before.

The stand out tracks for me are "Witchcraft", "No Demon No Angel", "I Want You To Know", "You Bury Your Head", and "The Snake", A great band, and I'm eager to see these guys do good. These guys have my highest recommendation.