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Sadly, Just a Teaser - 70%

Paskamato, February 10th, 2008

Swedish Witchcraft has got quite a lot attention with their latest album, which made me try this single out. Honestly speaking, Witchcraft doesn´t have much to do with metal on this piece of plastic, much rather it reminds me of classic rock bands of 70´s, such as Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. This is not a bad thing in any sense, thought.

Sound-wise Witchcraft stays on their roots. This recording could have been made on the late 70´s as well.

The title track is uptempo heavy rocking anthem with hitting main riff. The verse is good and I like that organ that runs on the background at times. Unfortunately the chorus is hardly above average, basicly continuing the same theme and riff as the verse does with only a little change in the riff. Before the song comes to an end, there´s a bridge part with two fine, simple guitar solos and a few lines singing. It is just those lines that show up the weak side of Witchcraft: their single is good in what he does for the most time, but not cabable to rise from his normal voice in order to bring anything new into the song.

On the flipside we have "I Know You Killed Someone", very Led Zeppelin-like track. The song itself is ok but nothing more really. It could have served on full length album but I can´t see any reasons why to put it into two song single. The same goes for the record as whole. Both tracks are nice but not worth being published on their own. The songs here being short ones, I believe this would have stood much better on its own foot had it been a four song EP. In its present form it is more a teaser of album it preceded than a record that is interesting by its own right.

Their strongest yet - 90%

Arkkiperkele, May 30th, 2007

After listening to Witchcraft's latest single, which came out in Oct 2006, just one question comes in mind. Where's the new full-length? This Swedish quartet of vintage doomsters have given us two albums of ear-pleasing aural trips back to the seventies. I especially cherish the self-titled, but Firewood is just as fine a step on the road often trampled.

If Crimson Was Your Colour is then a gallop through the plains of analog heaven that just left me drooling. It definitely the best Witchcraft have put together on their career sofar. Witchcraft record using old analog equipment and rather unorthodox surroundings (such as a cellar). However their retro style sounded very good, I thought there was too much silliness and amateurship on Firewood. Especially the singer's vocals were sometimes too much to bear for too long.

These two songs show that Witchcraft has matured greatly. The first side, If Crimson Was Your Colour is a 70s doom rocker. The lyrics are a bit more thoughtful than they have written before, yet nothing spectacular. The song has quite a laid-back middle section with organs or maybe keyboard taking the role. It ends with an absolutely menacing solo. Pretty straightforward Pentagram-worshipping, but done extremely well.

The B-side, I Know You Killed Someone... is the song that actually impressed me the most. Magnus goes totally Robert Plant in his singing. This is a really Zeps tune, much more hard-rocking and extremely groovy compared to band's earlier material. Magnus has such real anguish in his singing about blowing your head off that it's almost frightening.

This single shows that Witchcraft has a lot to offer in creative power. The songs found here are in my opinion their strongest works yet, and top their albums easily. They demonstrate their influences very heavily, that is true, but these aren't after covers but original songs. The fact that we have a band like this that is able to create music as it was done by the giants Sabbath and Zeppelin over 30 years ago, and manages to be on par in quality, is just unbelievable. I'm grateful and happy, and continue drooling until the next album.