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Encomium 'zine #3 - 95%

wyrmfire, May 6th, 2003

This 4-song demo is simply great! It was executed by three unholy blacksters from Hungary, namely Winterlord (all guitars), Mordred (drums) and Angmar (vocals). What a cold atmosphere characterizes this demo. Totally old-school-oriented Black Metal is what we have here. If you go back to the 1992-1993 era, when bands as DARKTHRONE or IMMORTAL defined the second generation Black Metal style, you'll know what I'm talking about. Fast, merciless yet chainsaw-like guitar riffs, frozen screams and non-stop drumming that's WITCHCRAFT in some words. This demo was definitely done with pure Black Metal spirit. Fans of Norwegian-type of Black Metal should get their hands on this masterwork!