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Black metal gem with thrash influences - 90%

maggotsoldier626, January 13th, 2011

I first heard these guys at a local festival, Thrasho De Mayo 5, they tore that place a new asshole. I had never seen a band so intense. Everyone was going crazy invading the stage and moshing. So in between bands I went to the merchandise table and picked up this gold they had just released called Terrorstorm. I don't think any other band playing this style in the whole world right now can match this. It is still to this daily listen on my iPod. I can’t stop listening to it. I don't think any other band playing this style in the whole world right now can match this. It's a pure gem.

I've listened to this album about a dozen times, and I still can't get enough. The riffing is just great. Jerry (who is sadly not in the band anymore) has some outstanding solos. Demolition Henry who also thrashes on the guitar does an amazing job with the vocals (especially live). The drums are just spot on with some sick pedal work, and never overdone, but I don’t think that Jorge gets enough time on bass, you can barely hear it.

Other than that minor upset, this is a black/thrash gem. No, let me re-phrase that, this is a black metal gem with thrash influences. I’m very surprised to see that these guys are still unsigned. They have so much potential, and I’m sure they can make themselves known to the metal community. This is definitely an album metal heads (preferably black and thrash metal fans) should check out.

Definite Standouts are Terrorstorm, Black Thrash Assault (if you don’t like this track don’t bother listening to other material by them, this defines their sound), Absolute Profit, Conflagration, Ardent Lust, Empty Chasm, and Unholy Copulation. Also if you buy the album, don’t skip around. There are some very good samples about our nation and how crazy people will become from pure selfishness. They also make very good transitions.