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Witch Hammer Strikes Her Down - 85%

Sweetie, June 18th, 2021

Portland Oregon holds some of my favorite extreme metal artists of the current times. Witch Vomit blew up a few years ago, around when death metal really started to become a favorite of mine, but I never really got into them. Surprise dropping a new EP titled Abhorrent Rapture may be exactly what I needed to reconsider and dig back again. This is a pretty massive slab of the style for sure.

And by that, I mean the riffs are extremely chunky in all of the best ways. The slight reverberation on literally everything brings forth some of the darkest vibes. Laying down rhythms, explosive drums, and vocals with a mild echo made everything flow together so nicely. These features feel the heaviest when bridges of straightforward attacks with little variance take over, like in “Necromatamophosis.” But more importantly, it doesn’t keep that on for too long.

Being diverse in a short amount of time in a style that’s quite prevalent is rather difficult, but I think Abhorrent Rapture does this pretty well. The phases that it goes through in the aforementioned “Necromatamophosis” are extremely neat, especially with the calmer part riding on higher wails. There’s also a touch of groovy fun in “Funeral Purgation,” boosted more with that bass work. Everything fits right into place with perfect timing.

Man, what a mean sounding name for an EP, and boy does it ever contain some nasty chops as well. Witch Vomit’s ability to write such crushing songs definitely shines here, but holy hell does it ever work well as a full experience from front to back. I’m amazed that they didn’t grasp me the first time around.

Originally written for Metal Inferno