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First Class Power Metal - 90%

Diego_DAR, June 10th, 2016

I didn't know anything about this band, I found them on Facebook while looking for albums in a metal page, turns out that I found cool this album cover. I listened to a song of them in Youtube: "Live Forevermore", then listened to another two songs and that was enough for me to listen to a whole album and I was very satisfied with the result, I will definitely buy it.

The music in this album is very well performed in general terms: attractive guitar riffs, a powerful melodic voice, very acceptable drumming and nice bass. You won't hear boring guitar riffs, and the voice that matches perfectly with them and that means that the album accomplishes the goal of being catchy enough, a feature that a power metal album must contain. These days you can find a lot of albums in which there is a lack of "catchiness", but this is not the case, fortunately.

Also the lyrics are remarkable, you won't find any non-sense lyrics, given that some of them are based on a full story that starts with their debut album and actually continues in the next ones. In this area, these guys made an awesome work. Some people may say that the lyrics are "not that important", but in my opinion they are something that made the band unique.

The only two areas in which the band should improve are: 1- some songs sound a little too similar, and 2- maybe add some bass solos and turn it up a little bit, because it vanishes at times because of the amazing guitar solos and the great singing. That said, there is nothing else to say except that the album is a very enjoyable one, if you like power metal, you will definitely like it.

HIghlights: "Fallin' Away from Grace", "Somewhere Alone", "Live Forevermore", "Heaven and Hell", "At the Gates" and "Judas"

Leading Their Nation Into The Light - 86%

Larry6990, March 13th, 2014

I must admit, Hungary is not a place I'd imagine quality power metal being created. Such an eastern point in Europe frequently creates fertile ground for folk or black metal, but I cannot think of another anthem-loving fantasy-loving group from Hungary. In this respect at least, Wisdom are original. However, let's not forget: this IS power metal. It goes without saying that the material on offer here, their sophomore release, "Judas", is anything but inventive. But you can read my other reviews for rants about expectations within this sub-genre. I'm here to explain how Wisdom have actually managed to create their own unique sound among less memorable power metal acts, and in the process, released 3 damn fine, hard-hitting, memorable albums crammed with heroic hymns.

I first encountered Wisdom 2 years ago, when I found out they were supporting Sabaton on a tour I was attending. Naturally, I got to work revising their lyrics to be able to fist-pump and sing along at the gig. It was during this 'revision' period that I began to understand this previously mentioned 'unique sound' the Hungarians had created. Wisdom's timbre consists of a crystal clear production, incredibly precise rhythms from the drums and bass, a mellow guitar tone, and simple (but no less effective) choral harmonies; much in the vein of Sabaton. Although the quartet works so tightly as a unit, the star of the album really has to be vocalist Gabor Nagy. His voice is warm and welcoming, making the tracks very accessible. But the vaguest hint of rough-edge makes itself noticeable at times (especially on "At The Gates" and the title track), which transforms him into a cross between Nils Patrick-Johansson or Apollo Papathanasio. He also pronounces English incredibly well, which is quite a feat for a European power metaller (are you listening, Alessio Garvello?).

The songs themselves mostly follow a basic verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo-chorus (x2) structure, which may be off-putting for those looking for a bit more substance to their melodic metal. But "Judas" is not an album to sit, analyze and interpret. It's an album to bang your head and play air-guitar to; shameless catchiness and triumphant anthems with bags of character. This simplistic song-construction can give the album a limited replay value if the listener approaches "Judas" with the wrong mindset. But Wisdom are clever enough to at least add some variety - notably in the 6-minute title-track, and the single "Heaven & Hell" (no, it's not a cover).

Of its few downfalls, "Judas"s main flaw is, ironically, its consistency. After one spin through the album, you'll certainly be able to recall a few choruses due to their catchier-than-the-plague properties. But you won't be able to distinguish one track from another, because...well, they're all pretty darn similar, both in melody and atmosphere. Unfortunately, this may be off-putting after initial listening. Also, there is a small amount of fodder to be found on tracks like "The Prodigal Son" and "Silent Hill" (a homage to the horror video-game franchise of the same name). They're average songs which don't really go anywhere in terms of climax. Not useless, just...average.

However, the rest of "Judas" is sheer power metal joy! Opener "Falling Away From Grace" is a galloping anthem that would certainly make Falconer jealous. The chorus of "Live Forevermore" is one of my favourites in the entire genre. "Age of Lies" possesses some truly sublime harmonies and the best ending to any song on the album. While the epic title-track ups the heaviness with some much needed grinding chug and aggressive vocals.

Wisdom are certainly an outfit to keep your eye on. Now that they've broken the mould of obscurity, expect some quality releases from this Hungarian quartet. Their 3rd full-length release "Marching For Liberty" is already out! It takes everything good about "Judas" and raises them to an even higher level of quality. But that's a review for another day. For the time being, if you're a fan of euro-power along the lines of Falconer or ReinXeed, this will most certainly whet your appetite during your eternal wait for "Keeper of the Seven Keys - part 3"...

"Wisdom Metal is the law!"

Highlights - "Falling Away From Grace", "Live Forevermore", "At The Gates", "Judas"

For fans of - Bloodbound, Majesty, Dreamtale