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Pestilent redundancy - 39%

Trilogique, April 21st, 2009

Over the years, my musical interests have evolved slowly, but surely. It went from Slipknot and Korn to Killswitch Engage and modern In Flames. Alas, my tolerance for music with technicality rose and any album that can place excessive solos and guitar squeals in an efficient manner without sounding too audacious, I'd listen to it (production and vocals evidently coming in to play). When I hit this stage, my friends were constantly recommending Wintersun. I was being spammed with links to "Beyond the Dark Sun" on a daily basis. At first, the music came across as brash and full of abhorrent wankery, but in due time, I loved the song. It was time to get their debut.

When I put it in, I was expecting the awesome riffing and technicality of the album-opener all the way through. While this is true, it's done in a coma-inducing manner. By that, I mean they copied every riff and drum pattern then pasted it on every song, threw in some symphonic sound effects to make it "epic" and added some awful clean vocals to top it off. The last track finished and I was just sitting there going, "Was that one song?" Jari and his fellow band mates are undeniably talented and the solo in "Winter Madness" is probably something all guitar players fantasize over, but it's not enough to save this album. Normally, I pan albums for the inconsistency that plagues a lot of albums these days, but Wintersun's debut is TOO consistent. An abrasive consistency, if you will. Every song is dragged on far, far too long with very, very stale riffing/solos. The sad part of this is that it was good at first. Imagine receiving oral sex from an extremely beautiful woman for 7 minutes (which represents the first two tracks), but she then tells you she has STDs (representing the rest of the album). It's an extreme disappointment to know that such talent went to waste with this record. Had most of the songs been cut in half and maybe added variety and added more crunch and bang to the guitars/drums, respectively, the album would be an absolute masterpiece. Unfortunately, uninspired and repulsive song writing gets the best of this potentially-amazing album and you're left to wonder what the fuck happened.

My unbiased viewpoint on this album should be taken into consideration before buying this. What you're getting is paradise that takes a quick turn into unrelenting disaster. I'll be checking out their next record, "Time", for the sake of these guys' talents, but something tells me the title of their next album is an indication that the songs on it will be much longer.