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It's not big enough! :( - 15%

Zodijackyl, November 28th, 2012

Wintersun are renowned for the extensive production of their music - deep arrangements and layers of symphonic synths that create a massive, glossy sound that leaves an impression of the scale of the production. The guitar sound is chunky and mechanical, a percussive force of consistent rhythmic chugging that is polished to the point that it sounds synthetic - this doesn't have much to detract from as there aren't really any guitar riffs here, just underlying chugging for the vocals and synths. Overproduction is the main attraction here - the sound is massive but the music is boring, both quickly setting it apart.

The production and lengthy songs seem intent on making an epic, majestic piece, but it sounds only overbearing. Within the long songs themselves, there is no sense of dynamics, a constant deluge of synthesized symphonies that roar for a full 13+ minute song. The band has two settings: "overload" and "interlude", with two tracks of each and the finale alternating between both. The vocals, clean and growled, are always strained and overdone, forced and ill-fitted, over-the-hill like recent In Flames, not over-the-top like early Fates Warning.

Time I is overcooked and overproduced to the point of being a spectacle, but there's not much substance here.