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Winterstatic - 15%

MindTorrent, March 30th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2012, CD, Nuclear Blast

I've had minor luck reviewing this album in the past, for my frustration has derailed the review's primary focus every time. I shall try my damnedest to stay as objective as possible here.

This album is noise. Completely overproduced. You just can't incorporate such a large amount of tracks into songs without the whole project becoming static. The material here is so disoriented by the abundance of irrelevant tracks, and it is because of this problem that this album took a whopping eight years to be released. It makes it sound as if numerous songs are playing at once and your ears are just struggling to focus on the primary objective.

Besides the convoluted production, the material here is nothing to write home about. The intro is neat and bombastic and full of oriental instruments and symphony; it sounds like something you'd hear from a Chinese martial arts fantasy movie. "Sons of Winter and Stars" is the only worthwhile song here. For a thirteen minute song, it manages to stay interesting from beginning to end. The only problem is, of course, the production. There is a segment consisting of blast beats and wild orchestrations that just makes everything inaudible and becomes nothing but noise.

From there, the two remaining songs are equally boring and overly long. It's when listening to these two songs ("Land of Snow and Sorrow" and "Time") when it really dawns on you that the material here is really not worth all the extra tracks; with or without them, the songs are still slow and flat-out boring. The only worthwhile moment in either of them is the ending to the title track "Time", as it has a nice Japanese sounding ambiance sound to it that is rather atmospheric.

Time I is like an already very large Sumo wrestler who thought that being even bigger would be for the better, but ultimately he got too fat and found himself falling over more than he could get up.