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Winters Bane - Heart of a Killer - 85%

mentalselfmutilation, April 22nd, 2008

Most of us know Tim "Ripper" Owens for his work with Judas Priest and Iced Earth, but not so much for his original commercial success Winters Bane, an underrated power metal band from the early 90s, which is truly a shame given this disc. While I never was too into the work with Priest, I did like his vocal work on Iced Earth's the Glorious Burden and decided to check out some of his other bands. I came across Heart of a Killer by chance and I have to say I'm quite impressed.

Heart of a Killer is a metal album right in its time, it surprises me how over looked and underrated it is. This is the perfect blend of metal with balls it's no doubt on this album why Priest would eventually go with him. Owens sounds like a modern day rob halford or king diamond with this record. On the musical side the album is very similar to both bands as well during the time period as well as some similarities to Iced Earth's Night of the Stormrider. Definitely a powerful metal debut by a promising band that would please fans of any of those bands or a metal fan in general. There's no doubt this band and this album is worthy of a title like power metal because the work done on the tracks is definitely powerful.

If you happen to come across this record or want to try getting it i'd definitely recommend it. This is definitely Owens in his finest hour, and it's definitely an amazing metal record which baffles me why it's so underrated. Definitely a potentially killer album, very solid, and there is little that can be faulted about it. It's well worth checking out if you ever have the chance!