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Heart of a Killer Album - 95%

Thuderclese, June 9th, 2010

Like the title says this album is indeed a killer. From start to finish there really isn’t a weak track on the entire album. Musically all of the members of their band play quite well, and it all comes together rather nicely with Tim “Ripper” Owens awesome vocals. The album also follows an interesting concept for the first six songs.

Tracks 1-6 follow the story of an unnamed killer who is sentenced to death by Judge Cohegan. The judge is later assaulted by the killer before the execution resulting in a heart attack. The killer is shot, and the judge receives the killer’s heart during a transplant. The judge begins to hear the voices of the killers victims who can not rest until the heart is dead. Long story short the killer possesses Cohegan who then kills his wife and is subsequently sentenced to death. The rest of the songs do not have any part of the story, but are all played quite well. The only real divergence from the rest of the songs is the instrumental self titled track; which is also very good.

I really wish that more power metal sounded as ballsy as this album. The guitars are well played, and each song is filled with amazing riffs that at times have a very thrashy sound to them. Along with some excellent riffing many of the songs have ably played solos that never go into hour long wankfests. The bass is also not buried under the rest of the instruments, and can be heard very easily throughout the album. There is never any time that it really shines, but the bass is well played and it’s nice to actually hear it. Same goes for the drumming. It’s done quite well, but there is nothing that is going to make you go wow for the most part. Tim “Ripper” Owens shows off his amazing vocal abilities on this album. Quite simply the man can sing, and he really seems like the perfect fit for this album. He belts out high pitch screams throughout the album, and really sets the mood for every song.

I would say that this album is a must have for someone looking for a very dark and heavy power metal styled album. There is not a weak track to be found on the entire album, and its got more than its far share of headbangable moments. Whole-heartedly recommended.