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The Divination Of Antiquity - 85%

diogoferreira, October 7th, 2014

Winterfylleth started 2014 by releasing a split LP with the giants Drudkh, where they participated with a Hate Forest cover. And nothing better to enter the last quarter of the year than with a new album titled “The Divination Of Antiquity”, via Candlelight Records. Paving their path within the underground scene, Winterfylleth are already a band worthy of respect due to the great albums they’ve released. Let’s not forget that they are part of the movement that gave black metal a new outfit, mixing ancient themes with a new musical approach leading to what we call today post black metal and atmospheric black metal.

After a well-structured and compact title track that opens “The Divination Of Antiquity”, there’s a lead guitar moment in “Whisper Of The Elements” that gets the attention of even the most distracted ears. That moment can be fleeting, but the song evolves into an epic and post-metal oriented soundscape that makes every sense as if linked with that melodic moment. The first distinct fusion between folk and metal appears in “A Careworn Heart”, as we have a union between an acoustic guitar and Naughton’s growls, followed by guttural chants reminding of ancient rituals. When talking about atmospheric black metal with a folkloric and pagan background, it’s inevitable to recall what Eastern European bands have done before Winterfylleth for the last ten years, so the track “Foundations of Ash” is a fine example of that because of the fast, disquieting and apocalyptic riffs supported by a sonic drum work.

Usually it’s said that the best is saved for last, and Winterfylleth are no exception, since the last track “Forsaken In Stone” is truly an ode to the atmospheric black metal scene with soundscapes that can lift us up to the skies and make us proud of the fact that such bands exist. The sound wave created in this final song caused by the uninterrupted and melodic guitar riffs crosses introspection with heroism, a sentiment that fits so well with the Nordic countries. “The Divination of Antiquity” is unquestionably one of the best albums of the year within the pagan oriented black metal division and it’s a must-hear work.

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