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Instant Satisfaction - 95%

Vikingr Vrede, October 8th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2014, CD, Candlelight Records USA

Winterfylleth is a band that never seems to really disappoint. After hearing the second album, The Mercian Sphere, a few years ago I have been craving this bands new work like crack cocaine. While I don't believe that the Threnody Of Triumph was as good as the Mercian Sphere, it was still a solid album and soon I was craving their next release: The Divination of Antiquity. Released in October 2014 like their debut album, Ghost of Heritage (something you should also check out if you like this album), they have delivered another opus. Enough of that though, on to the music.

As soon as I acquired this album and played the first track, the title track, I knew I was going to be hearing something great. The track opens right away with the black metal tremelos, with high melodies and lower mid range droning tremelo harmonies. The guitar work I have found isn't usually anything amazing in Winterfylleth's work, not flashy or technical, as is usually the case in black metal (in my experience). It is solid though; it is always on point with the tempo and the tone is perfect. Some may say it isn't raw enough, but for a folk influenced black metal band it is good.

Winterfylleth has a style mixing folk music and atmospheric metal with black metal much like their UK brothers in arms, Wodensthrone (another great band but a review for another day). The music definitely has a great atmospheric feel to it, not really ambient like something along the lines of Elderwind. There are usually the sounds of blast beats and aggressive riffing playing nearly nonstop. It really creates an almost relaxing atmosphere.

The folk bits are amazing as usual. They are not overused unlike some other bands that use so much folk sound its less metal and more of folk, so it is usually very refreshing and welcome. Every time there is an acoustic passage it is placed well within the songs and transitions well into and out of them.

The drumming on this album is commendable as always. Winterfylleth's drumming on all their albums is played by Lucas, who has a great sound. The mix is not too loud and doesn't overpower the sounds of the other instrumentation or the vocalist. The blast beats are on point and played very well, with drum fills placed in good points to not let the drums become monotonous; a problem I have with a few black metal bands (though that may have to do with the often used drum program in one man projects). Another thing I have to mention is organic. The drums sound organic as hell and you can tell they are definitely played by a skilled musician. The bass and snare sound like a real drum kit, aren't over processed and you can hear the accents played on the snare, toms, and cymbals. Lucas has once again delivered a very skilled, heartfelt performance.

The vocals on this album is nothing spectacular, but it is very good. You can almost feel the raw emotion in the screeches belted by the band members. The vocal job is shared between three of them, the guitarist, bassist, and drummer, and they did very well. Again, nothing spectacular, but still a solid performance. The bass in this album is kind of down played unfortunately, so I don't have much to say for this.

From this albums beginning I got instant satisfaction, happy that Winterfylleth had once again made a masterpiece. It is a shame that this band and their brother band Wodensthrone aren't more famous in the world of metal, as they have consistently shown great skill and emotion in their music. Definitely an album worth checking out for any fan of folk or black metal. I am not sure it is as good as their second album, but it definitely comes close and was enough to make my year. Songs to look at: "Divination of Antiquity", " Whisper of the Elements", "The World Ahead", "Foundation of Ash".