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Winter Bestowed - Within My Labyrinthine Heart - 100%

ysqure3, March 13th, 2007

WINTER BESTOWED - Within My Labyrinthine Heart [2001]

Within My Labyrinthine heart is a small release, a mere four tracks, from a small band who has since split up--unfortunately, right in the middle of recording a full-length album. What's particularly devastating is that this EP is fantastic, and a standard-setter for most of what I listen to (namely, extreme metal). What points toward the fact that there ought to be a full-length is that one of the songs is titled The Great Hurler of Comets, Part II. No Part I exists, so far as I know.

On the first three songs, there is a wide variety of exorbitantly precisely played, creatively composed riffs that feel not mechanical but like cascades of arpeggios, incredibly tight drumming that serves to complement the guitars beautifully, and a distinctly audible bass guitar line that mirrors the chord progressions. The final track, Winter Bestowed, is a longer "epic" (though it's only six minutes), and it features a more constructive mode of songwriting, developing from more basic structures. The vocals are impeccable, conveying all the aggression that is exemplified by the songs, yet among the most interpretable of any I've heard. Remarkably, the group is fairly short on solos (except for the final track), preferring to let their riffs and transitions speak for themselves, which they do in abundance.

Alas, I cannot find any lyrics for the songs (their official website is defunct in this matter), but I swear that in the second track, "the ostrich of lies" is screamed out. It's suitably bizarre, I can assure.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Everyone who listens to music, but you might only like it if you have some penchant already for harsh vocals.