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Crusty, Dark, Ugly and Doomy - 85%

brocashelm, April 27th, 2006

Not much is known about the NYC combo known as Winter, a band that gleefully combined Celtic Frost obsessed death metal with crusty punk noises and a generally ecological lyrical outlook. If you’re already a fan of bands like Amebix or Hellbastard, you’ll be well informed to dive right in here, but if you ain’t let me explain. If you take the generally raw and bristled sound of most hardcore punk and combine it with growling, grunting vocals and an eye towards writing slow and syrupy riffs with tempos that are mid-tempo at their speediest, you’ll have a notion of the “crust” sound at it’s core.

Despite having issued a poorly produced debut album with 1990’s Into Darkness, Winter issued this 5 track EP, featuring sharper sound and tighter performances. “Servants Of The Warsmen” features one mother of a doomy feel, truly lumbering and painful riffing, while the instrumental “Winter” has some remarkable writing about it, making it truly sad that this band didn’t continue on their bleak journey towards environmental apocalypse. This one will be a challenge to locate, but a heavier crust release you’ll be hard pressed to uncover.