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Gromowladny - Split with Wineta - 80%

Satanic_Warmonger, May 31st, 2005

Unlike Perunwit, or Veles, or any of the other bands that the musicians play a part in, both Gromowladny and Wineta have a very unique style when it comes to metal, ambient however is very much reminding of a Perunwit style, this being the instruments, theme, and mood used in the ambient tracks, especially in Dzien Chwaly, the first track on this split. Mentioned before, the style of black metal played is very interesting, some tracks do not have a violent buzzing guitar, nor a overly complex drum beat full of double bass and so forth. Mostly all of the Gromowladny tracks have a very simplistic drum beat, with synthesizers placed at a higher volume than the electric guitar. The Gromowladny tracks really dont undergo a great amount of change in each track, the first two metal tracks (2 & 3) sound about the same, then the fourth track, Pomscimy Arkone Sz has a more peaceful mood, slower beat, but without any mood changes. All tracks contain a folkish theme with usage of war drums. But other than that, its all original and interesting metal that cant be compared to any other band out there. After Pomscimy Arkone Sz is Cisza, it sounds alot like the track before it, a slow beat, heavy synth, folkish melody. Skowyt Synow Bieszczadskich Wzgorz isnt another black metal track, instead its more in the vain of Perunwit, which in a way is sad because its less interesting than the black metal they play, just feels like another Perunwit track only its under a different name, Gromowladny. Six tracks of Gromowladny, interesting black metal, but the synth just sounds too much like Perunwit. Now there is the Wineta half of the split, it too has songs with a very heavy synth instead of a heavy guitar, production is sorta bad, occasionally the volume raises, then drops. Wspomnienie is boring, drums cant be heard at all, only a buzzing guitar, a overpowering synth and some screams. Eighth track, Krzyk Wiczych Dusz is pretty much the same mood, very very boring! Zanim Wstanie Swit, the ninth track is alot more interesting, a really bassisch beat, powerful guitars instead of the synth being the more powerful. But this track too becomes boring, same riffs over and over for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. After this, there is actually a untitled track which is 2:26 long, its a bit like Zanim Wstanie Swit, but the guitars have a equal amount of power and melody (at 48 seconds the guitar sounds awesome! not heavy and full of bass!). Gromowladny portion of the split definitely deserves a listen, and easily deserves a rating of 80. As for Wineta, no point in listening to it, has no beauty whatsoever, just four tracks of yuck.