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Glad to have you back - 85%

lordazmolozmodial, June 19th, 2013

Since the album "Through the Eyes of a Mad", I've been waiting the Russian doomdeath metal band "Wine From Tears" to release another masterpiece, and here is the waiting has finally finished and the band is releasing its 2nd full-length album "Glad to Be Dead". Usually, I don't listen to doom metal releases in the summer, because its not the appropriate time for this kind of music, and I usually delay listening to them to the winter, but I cannot stop myself from giving this album many spins before I discover a that it will be an addiction.

The slow rhythm guitar riffing and the spirit of Saturnus are the main musical themes in the music of Wine From Tears, but the band tries to add some clean vocals and more dreamy keyboards parts inside the structure of the tracks, which make the catchy and memorable. The harsh vocals in this album is not better than the previous album, the same sharp and throaty kind of vocals are represented here, and I hope the vocals will get stronger in the upcoming releases, because in my opinion this kind of deep and touching music need much more stronger vocals. The band has started the album with the instrumental intro "For Those Who Died Asleep", a touching doomygothy version of Chopin's Marche funebre, but with more atmospheric keys and surrounding sound.

The track "Allergic Sun" has been published in the official website of the band alongside the track "Let Me In" before a very long time now, and both tracks represent good example of how the new album will sound like. The production makes you feel that the band is playing in front of you, in a very large hall with a lot of reverb and echoes around your ears, and this kind of cold production adds a moody dimension to the tracks. The songwriting and the compositions are more dynamic than the previous album I think, many catchy guitar solos and very warm clean guitar sections cross the tracks from time to time, making the whole environment interesting and let the listeners thirsty for more music. The track "What Are You Waiting For" and its slow-paced melodies reminded me of the music of My Dying Bride somehow, maybe because the band uses some clean vocals inside the melodies, but the scenario of the track also reminded me of the previous album. The track "In Memory Of The Truth" starts with a short piano prelude, and then a doomed doomdeath guitar riffing capture the whole sound, keeping the keyboards in the background of the music to add more blue feelings to the track. Wine From Tears has always managed to create a sudden break inside the tracks, but with the same blue feelings of the melodies, and this helped to make the tracks more dynamic and memorable most of the time.

Overall, this album is recommended for all the fans of doomdeath metal fans around the world, specially for the ones who enjoyed the debut album "Through the Eyes of a Mad". This album has been created to be listened in the winter time, so excuse the album if you didn't like it now, you will like it anyway when the rains begin to fall.

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