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Beautiful - 93%

Znarglaxe, November 12th, 2003

A band that uses clean vocals in a slower tone with more classical instruments generally has a dilemma on their hands. Especially when in their midst is a fucking great guitarist. The question is how to use all of the elements and blend them together tastefully. This is usually a hard thing to do seriously. Like Rhapsody and other bands, it can sometimes lead to cheese. But Winds has done it flawlessly.

This band combines all of their elements with a certain amount of tasteful wanking. The vocals, while being a bit more whiny than most would tolerate, are made up for by the beautiful melody that accompnies it.

While starting off slowly on most tracks, with the vocals coming in and providing their strong backbone for the piano or other instruments being used, the songs progress into a faster more rending sound. The guitars going absolutely mad in an orgasmic interlude of sound, the bass maintinging integrity throughout the entire song, and the drums capturing the setting perfectly. Then it gets slow again, and goes back to it's classical beauty.

All in all i would say that any fan of Doom would enjoy this EP.