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Windir > Sogneriket > Reviews > terrorsatan
Windir - Sogneriket

Why hasn`t this demo been re-released??? - 90%

terrorsatan, February 16th, 2006

I have been looking for this demo quite a long time now, and I was surprised to find out that it was so hard to get, even the bootleg version is hard to get.
Finally I found it and I was shocked to hear how good it is. The songs here where written and recorded by Terje Bakken when was only between 13 and 16 years old. And you can hear that he had talent already here.

Also on most songs the quality is not as bad as I thought. Although many of the themes, riffs and melodies from Soge II (later released on Valfar, Ein Windir) are repeated her, the tracks still varies enough to keep the demo quite interesting despite it’s length on almost 45 minutes. Many of the songs are instrumental and quite hypnotizing.

The first track is Krigaren si gravferd, witch most of you that are likely to read this already have heard on the Valfar, Ein Windir double cd. This is quite a mean song, and probably the rawest track on this demo.
The next track is Immortality, that contains no harsh vocal, but allot of clean vocals. A kind of sad, yet beautiful song.
Sogneriket is the name of track number three. This is quite a black metalish song with some nice and catchy melodies and riffs.
After Sogneriket comes a beautiful instrumental song called Norron Seier. This contains in my opinion many of the elements that make Windir so great.
Next track is Dans på Stemmehaugen. This song also exists on Valfar, Ein Windir. But that version is a rerecording without Valfar. But this is the original version, and its much rawer and, in my opinion, better.
Next song is yet another instrumental called Fjell og Dalar (mountains and valleys). This is a keyboard based song. Really hypnotizing and beautiful.
Final tracks are Soge I and II. Soge I is quite similar to Soge II, only with harder guitars. The Soge II here is much longer than the version on Valfar, Ein Windir. But its much of the same.

All in all this is a great demo. Maybe a bit to long, and maybe a bit to many instrumentals(5). Its really difficult to find. So if you find it, don’t hesitate to buy it!!!!!!!!